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Inspired by the creativity and playfulness of his own kids, in 2008, PJ set off on a design adventure. 

With a background in toy design, PJ was determined to create something that wouldn’t end up in landfill, and that would take childrens’ imaginations and natural inclination to play to the next level. 

Seeing the big fun his own kids would have with a simple cardboard box sparked memories of his own childhood box play, and highlighted the potential and value of this humble, everyday material. The ‘aha’ moment that PJ had been looking for, had arrived. 

With a mission to repurpose today, solve tomorrow, Makedo empowers kids to develop the necessary skills; communication, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and empathy, to navigate and problem solve their way through our changing world. 

Today, Makedo is growing a global community of like-minded makers who are working together to improve the future for people and the planet.

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