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Fat Brain Toy Co. is the toy and game development arm of Fat Brain Toys a leading retailer of specialty toys, games, and gifts. We are comprised of mom's and dad's, aunt's and uncle's, but mostly - we're just a bunch of kids at heart.

But we have a confession to make...we're a little bit...different 

Where most toy companies are chasing the hot trend, we're establishing entirely new trends by working with brilliant inventors and designers from all over the world. Where many toy companies are churning out disposable, commodity toys, our first priority is safety, quality and value. And while most toy companies are content to regurgitate the same tired licenses, we're working with innovative materials and contemporary designs that will appeal to adults as much as they do to the kids.

And while we're proud of our retail partnerships, you won't find our products just anywhere. We carefully select reputable retailers from coast-to-coast, and around the world. You'll find our award winning products at your neighborhood specialty retailer, but you'll also find them at locations like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Barnes & Noble, The Smithsonian, and many others. 


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