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Number Beeswax Crayons - 3+

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Tinta Crayons has created the perfect mix to produce natural, organic and sustainable crayons. Free from palm, soy and paraffin waxes (a by-product of petroleum) and pigments that are free from heavy metals, asbestos and other toxic substances, Tinta Crayons are safe, eco-friendly and they smell nice too!

Number Crayons are fun - drawing & learning combined! 

Each pack contains nine crayons 

    Each crayon is approximately 5.5 tall x 4 wide x 2cm thick 

    Set weighs approximately 200g

    Suitable for ages 3+ 

    After nearly 5 years Tinta continue to make each crayon from scratch, hand-poured with beeswax and packed in Melbourne with love!