Collection: Zo Knot

Zo Knot was born out of a love of slowing down and tackling new found skills. Inspired by local and international makers, Zoe began learning the many knotting sequences there is to learn in the art of macrame over a cup of tea on a cold afternoon and has since learnt to create large scale wallhangings and intricate patterns.

Endless custom orders come in weekly and range from wall hangers, feathers, plant hangers, rainbows, key rings, curtains and wedding arbours to name a few. Each piece is carefully handmade with natural cottons and driftwood sourced from the beaches of the South Coast, NSW and customised to a range of colour, design and size. Each piece is unqiue and one of a kind.

Zo Knot has expanded over the years and is now stocked at Chattter Box Market, Wollongong. With a following of makers worldwide, she now has pieces hanging up in homes all across Australia!

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