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If you’ve read the books, you’ll understand the importance of nappy-free tummy time – especially for your baby’s physical development. It helps to build strength and range of movement, to provide increased sensory stimulation, and to reduce nappy rash. 

Knowing its importance, I tried hard to squeeze in a session each day – in between the feeding, changing and settling to sleep. But honestly, it was such a hassle. Like me, you’ve probably tried disposable change mats with comfy blankets on top, or towels and cloth nappies, but it was always the same: too much mess. Does this sound familiar? 

Then one day a simpler option dawned on me: a machine washable, totally waterproof playmat with a soft snug layer on top, which means no need for extra blankets. Genius! And from there, the unique Rudie Nudie Playmat was born. 

I hope the Rudie Nudie Playmat can take the hard work out of your nappy-free time too. No mess. No fuss. Just peace of mind, knowing that you’re doing the best for your baby - Jacqui xo

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