Play with educational toys

Why Educational Toys are Important

Learning through play is such an important part of childhood; we often forget that what kids gain through play is not only fun, but also the enhancement of their senses, observations of their surrounding environments and interactions with others. All these things help children learn, toys are a tool to help develop skills needed in life.

An educational toy can be defined as a toy that allows an opportunity for a child to learn. It can stimulate learning through touch or sound, helping to teach a skill or concept. Benefits of educational toys include:

  • Problem solving
  • Learning cause and effect
  • Help in sensory development
  • Retain a child's interest/focus
  • Development of motor skills
  • Build intellectual development
  • Encouraging imagination and creativity
  • Building social development when played in groups
  • Emotional development including confidence
  • They are fun!!!

Educational toys come in all shapes and sizes, however not any toy in a toy box counts as educational, they must stimulate learning by being instructional and provide specific value. These types of toys can be appropriate for babies all the way to primary school. One of the best things about educational toys is that they are still toys, children don't believe they are any different, yet they are also gaining something more than just fun out of them.

At Spotty Dot we love selling educational toys, whilst we believe in fun, we hope that our products always spark joy and more. We proudly stock many educational toys for babies and toddlers that offer sensory feelings and learning including our Melody Mix, Rainbow Stacking Teether, Train Sorting Blocks and Spinning Bells.

The toys you choose for your children at a young age will ultimately impact their brain development, thus it is important that they are encouraged to play with toys that use different skills and functions of the brain ultimately creating learning through fun play.

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