The World of Toys

Who doesn't love toys? We certainly do! To see the joy on a child's face or the look of an 'aww' on an adult's is why we love what we do. As we live vicariously through your purchases, it makes us proud knowing what we sell is a toy that a child will treasure. We pride ourselves in selling high quality, versatile toys, but it also makes us question the need for an abundance of toys.

It can be difficult for many parents to find toys that can boast both beauty and high quality without breaking the bank. Having a one-on one experience at any of our Spotty Dot stores allows our customers to appreciate our business and understand the story that goes behind each toy sold.

These days it can be very tricky for small businesses to produce a good quality item and get it out there into these big stores. Thats why we are proud to sell mainly Australian brands; the world is full of so many types of toys and it's important that we keep alive the ones that can be passed through generations. The toys that a child wants to take good care of, that when it comes to cleaning out toys you'll always keep because its beauty and fun has remained.

We love seeing children happy and playing with toys, but we hope that they can learn to love and cherish the special ones in a toy box. Because that's what we hope to sell at Spotty Dot, a toy to last a lifetime.